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Training: The fundamentals for Massage Therapy in Amstelveen

Training: The fundamentals for Massage Therapy in Amstelveen. Learning how to heal clients in a holistic way using a cross over of techniques from east to west. Deep Tissue, Superficial Tissue, Deep Musculair, Triggerpoints, Myofascial Meridians, Accupressure points, Breathing and stretching. And learning when and how to use this Skill Set.

Training for Massage Therapy in Amstelveen. Small groups so lots of personal attention.

We know how important it is to find a good therapist that can truly help you to unwind and get rid of pain and stress. This is the reason we choose to train only small groups so everybody who joins this training can become a true therapy massage specialist. Mastering your skills in understanding and healing your clients.

Become a professional Massage Therapist.

The training for massage Therapy in Amstelveen is for those with some experience in Massage. The training is in English. After completing this training you are a Massage therapist. You will be able treat people with ailments. Such as a locked neck or shoulders, (low) back and hip pain, headaches&migraine, restless legs, mouse and tennis arm, wrist problems, sleeping problems, the recovery of injury and sports and many other ailments. Massage therapy is also very useful for burnout, stress related problems, emotional blockages and for stilling the monkey mind. In this training you will learn how the body functions and how this knowledge helps you enrich your treatments. You will learn to combine western and eastern knowledge and techniques into a Holistic healing approach. You can do tailor made full body massages from head to toes, from back to front and side to side with a combination of techniques appropriate for the individual

Learning to treat the whole Body.


Both Western and Eastern 

Back, front and side position 

Seated position 

Breathing skills 

Referred pain patterns 

Stretching Thai style 




Deep Tissue 

Superfiscial Tissue 

Deep Musculair techniques 

Myofascial meridians

This training will start in 2023.

On January 9 & 23 | 11:00 - 17:00 hrs

we will have a two day immersion in which you get a jump-start into Holistic healing. Working deep and superfiscial. Learning to read and treat the whole body.


Introduction into the fundamentals for Massage Therapy.  


Two Day training: 9 & 23 january 2023  

In this training we learn how to work deep and superfiscial on the whole body. What is a triggerpoint and how to locate and treat them. There is time for questions and requests. After this short training you will go home with a fresh new Skill Set!

The cost for this two day immersion is €250,-

Wanna join? Email us!

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Training program




Learning how to work with anamnese. Starting to get used to work in multiple layers with different techniques.


Working with Anamnese is your first step to creating a treatment plan. Learning how deep or superficial you can work and how this feels for your client. 

Basic Anatomy of the Human Body  


Introduction in the Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology of the Human body. Getting to know the 11 Systems that enable us to participate in the 7 Characteristics of life. Getting to know the tissues of the human body.


The BodyMind* is an amazing organism. The more we understand about this miracle the better we can help people to heal themselves. Learning techniques is very useful. Knowing why they work even more. We will often use the term BodyMind in this training as in our approach these are not separate.  

The mechanisms and importance of the Nervous System  


Together with the endocrine system, the nervous system takes care of reactions and adjustments to internal and external conditions. We learn the difference and function of the CNS ( Central Nervous System) and the PNS (Peripheral Nervous System), the voluntary and the autonomic.


The Nervous System plays a big role in the ailments we face as a therapist. And in our attempt to resolve them. Understanding its role will increase your possibilities as a therapist.  

Exploring the layers of Fascia  


Although Fascia is often mentioned its real qualities are seldom revealed. We will study the different layers of Fascia and how to work on them.


The role of Fascia in our ROM (range of motion) and the problems that might arise when our ROM gets limited is an essential aspect in our diagnose and treatment plan.  

Working the Myofascial Meridians from Anatomy trains  


An introduction in the Myofascial Meridians from Thomas Myers from Anatomy trains. What are Myofascial Meridians and why are they useful in diagnose and treatment of ailments. How can we work these Meridians?


The body is a whole and needs to be treated as a whole. We should always take in account the continuities and interconnections of our body when we diagnose and create a healing plan.  

The breathing system, techniques and benefits.  


Getting to know your full potential of your respiratory system and the effects the breath has on our BodyMind.


When you tap in to your full potential of Breathing (Pranayama) you can help your clients to do so too. Already the ability to breath consciously during treatment will increase the effect of the treatment and ease the experience of the client and the effort of the therapist.  

Acupressure techniques  


How and where to apply Acupressure on the body as a way to invite the body to heal and stay healthy.


Acupressure is an ancient technique that has its healing effects over centuries that it should be a skill practiced by every serious Massage therapist.


Stretching for Release and ROM  


Getting skilled with applying some basic stretching techniques.


By applying the right stretches we enhance the release of tension and the increase of ROM (Range of Motion). Many ailments such as low back pain benefit from (supported) stretching. Being able to have your clients experience the effect from deep stretching will encourage them to continue stretching on their own.


Shoulders, Neck and head.  


Learning how to release tension and stiffness in the neck and shoulder in all three positions. Getting rid of the cause of headaches and increasing ROM (Range of Motion) of the head, neck and Shoulders.


Learning how to work on this area in all three positions and with a combination of techniques and from superficial to deep and to Myofascial will increase your ability to help people with ailments related to this area.


Triggerpoints.How to locate and treat triggerpoints  


Learning to locate and treat trigger points that


Many people suffer from a lighter to a more serious form of this ailment and are often send home by other therapists with nothing more than the advice to wait or do some exercise.


Mouse / Phone - and Tennis arm.  


Solving this frequent occurring ailment with a combination of techniques that are efficacious and permanent.


Many people suffer from a lighter to a more serious form of this ailment and are often send home by other therapists with nothing more than the advice to wait or do some exercise.  

Bringing it all together.  


Working on a real person. Starting with Anamnese, making the treatment plan and do your first treatment on this person.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Massage is voor iedereen!

Bij Massage Minds in Amstelveen is er voor iedereen en elk moment een passende massage.

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